Do you think that anyone would listen to me if I talk about that fucked up dimension and those monsters? Besides it’s okay if I have to do everything by myself, I’m already accustomed and I’m not going to just accept that Heather disappeared and there’s nothing I can do

-Cain’s determination to the extreme. ‘Fear of the dark’ fragment.


Cain Bennett is a Silent Hill fan-made character, mainly created to fit in Silent Hill 3 environment. However, he has made several appearances in other stories, and in theory, he could be included in the first Silent Hill as well.

Cain was introduced in the fanfic saga through SquirrelMurasaki’s story, ‘Fear of the dark’, although he was originally invented by GrismoaldaMinkay.


As his full name states, Cain is Cybil Bennett’s son, but his father’s identity is completely unknown. Some speculate that he probably abandoned Cybil when she was still pregnant, either that he could have died, or also that Cain was an illegitimate child. Anyway, it’s not that important, since Cain’s background follows Silent Hill’s ‘Good’ -canon- ending, in which as we all remember, Cybil dies. This erased the last trace of Cain’s lineage (what we know, at least), who was just three years old then.

After Silent Hill events, Cain was transferred to an orphanage in Brahms and then adopted by a young couple. Nevertheless, their relationship was unstable, so years later, when Cain was already turning five, his adoptive father left the family. In an attempt of refreshing their lives, Cain and his adoptive mother moved to Portland and that’s how he met who would become his true fatherly figure for the rest of his life. None other than Harry Mason.

This is where the connection with Silent Hill 3 takes place. Cain Bennett and Cheryl (Heather) Mason knew each other in Portland, when she was three and he was six. They spent like two years together, and eventually became close friends. Even though, as we know, she and her father had to move later, Cain managed to maintain contact with them, since he regarded both as part of his family.

Twelve years later, during Silent Hill 3 events, Cain returned to Brahms and started to work as a police officer. At that time, he had gotten to investigate about his original lineage, so he decided to take that job in honor of his deceased mother. However, that kept him constantly busy, so he rarely was able to visit Heather, as usual. When he finally got to see her again, her father was already dead. Devastated, she begged him to leave and continue his duties with police, arguing that he was more needed in his home town. Cain went away without complaining, and having to repress all what he wanted to tell her, since even he himself knew that it wasn’t the right moment. Deeply affected by Harry’s death as well, he kept the last thing he promised to him in his mind, and continued remembering it the following years. To look after Heather.

Fear of the darkEdit

SquirrelMurasaki’s story takes place seven years after Silent Hill 3, and here is where we find Cain’s most known version. He’s still a police officer, and after another hard period of work, he finally gets to communicate with Heather again. Even though it’s not very hinted at the beginning, later is revealed that he was expecting to confess his feelings towards her, that had been developing all those years, until making him realize that she was his only reason to keep living. But when he gets to her apartment, he discovers that, besides the door was half-opened, the place is a mess and Heather is gone. She was attacked, obviously, but who or... what did it? Shortly afterwards, the whole building seems to transform and Cain suddenly finds himself in the middle of a rusty and bloodstained hallway. The nightmare, however, doesn’t last enough, and the only trace it leaves is a piece of paper in Cain’s hand: “To Silent Hill”.

Naturally, this is the first boost of Cain’s adventure, and his own trip to the town, in search of a young woman with short blond hair (<3).


Despite of his tough attitude, and his quite strong temper, Cain is one of the most candid characters in the whole saga. Mainly because of the lack of a ‘complete family’ throughout his life, he is endowed with an amazing sense of compassion towards every family in misfortune, mostly children, and also an innate kindness. He regards himself as unable to hurt anyone, unless there’s a good reason to do it. However, during his career in the police, he realized by force that his principles of justice were practically impossible, what also helped to harden his character, until becoming the rebellious protagonist we know.

Another noticeable of Cain’s personality is his almost fierce perseverance. Even after discovering Heather’s past, who she truly was, and how much he was risking his life for her, that only strengthened his desire of finding her, along with his feelings, what also proves that he listens to his heart more than to anyone or anything else.

Other factsEdit

Name originEdit

There isn’t any meaningful reason behind Cain’s name. His creator, GrismoaldaMinkay, just stated that she just liked it. However, it’s remarkable that the first son of Adam and Eve has the same name. This Cain is portrayed as sinful, after committing the first murder by killing his brother Abel, what surely sounds completely opposite to our protagonist’s nature. Nevertheless, the interpretation of Cain and Abel’s story in the book ‘Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth’ could hint a different (and probably more significant) meaning.

Representative musicEdit

‘End Of Small Sanctuary’ by Akira Yamaoka

‘Flame Purifies All’ by Derrick Koo (Broken Notes)

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